Who is Spring Williams?

Blog 1That’s a great question. Surface stuff:  I am an artist, a singer, a writer, an outdoor girl, a humor enthusiast. Deeper stuff: I don’t like to waste too much time on small talk, unless it’s funny. Funny is NEVER wasted on me. I’m an expert laugher! But I also like to dig in deep and really get to know people. I believe we all want to be seen and known. Everyone has a story.

I am married to this guy… I would not be who I am without this man. He and I have been woven together through every trial and joy we have been a part of, since day one. I couldn’t imagine trying to figure out this life without him by my side, in my corner and being my biggest fan. God sure knows what he’s doing when he matches two souls. Our faith has gotten us through life’s valleys. And believe me, we’ve had our fair share. Together , we have witnessed miracles, and not just the ones below…

Blog 2And this is our collaborated masterpiece. Typically I call myself the artist, but I can’t take all the credit for these ones. These people have shaped and molded me and inspired my faith. They are the muse of my life… Some of my hardest and most precious moments  come from them and what they have taught me about myself.

Please join me as I share the story of our life.

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